Gibraltar National Day – Over 30 years of celebrations and progress.

06 Sep 2023


Observed on the 10th September every year since 1992, Gibraltar’s National Day is a profound reminder of the Rock’s unwavering spirit and journey towards self-determination. Rooted in history, the day celebrates the 1967 referendum when Gibraltarians overwhelmingly voted to remain under British sovereignty rather than transferring to Spanish rule. Over 30 years since the date became a national celebration and holiday, it’s fitting to look at a few of the main achievements and milestones the Gibraltarian community has attained:

Self-governance & Constitution:

In 2006, Gibraltar adopted a new constitution which granted it more autonomy, with the UK retaining responsibility only for foreign relationships, defence, and internal security.

Economic Resilience:

The last 30 years has seen Gibraltar metamorphose into a robust and diversified economy. It has established itself as a significant financial centre fortified by a sound regulatory framework. The rise of sectors such as online gaming, insurance and digital currency have been instrumental in driving the Rock’s economic progress.

Environmental Leadership:

Gibraltar has made notable strides in environmental conservation. The inauguration of the Gorham’s Cave Complex as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2016 and recent ongoing excavations stand testament to the commitment of preserving the Rock’s unique ecological and archaeological significance.

Cultural Renaissance:

From the Gibraltar Word Music Festival, international Literary Festival, Art exhibitions showcasing local and international talent, inclusion in the international football scene when joining UEFA in May 2016, Gibraltar has grown as a hub of cultural events that resonate with both local traditions and global themes.

Property Market:

Gibraltar’s property scene has experienced a remarkable transformation since the 1990s, establishing itself as one of the most robust and attractive real estate landscapes in the region. Fuelled by increasing economic prosperity, a strategic geographical location and a stable political environment, the Rock has seen a steady rise in both residential and commercial property demand. Iconic buildings such as Bentley Investments iconic flagship, EuroCity, dot the skyline. Combined with historic views of the old town, Moorish walls, and Tower of Homage to create a blend of modernity and rich heritage, the Rock has become a coveted destination for investors and homeowners alike.

National Day is more than just a celebration of a single day in history. It’s an affirmation of the community’s identity, its aspirations, and its future.

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