Introducing our new residents portal

30 Nov 2022

We’ve spent the last couple of months working hard on developing it, from the tough stuff in the back-end to making sure the front end is both easy on the eye and easy to navigate, and are now ready to release it to our clients.

We hope that as a result, in this world which of late has been full of trial and tribulations, at least their resident experience will be as straightforward and convenient as possible.

We’ve outlined the TOP 7 REASONS why we think this residents portal will change our residents' lives for the better - but don’t just take our word for it - set up your account now and trial it for yourselves!

1. Payment processing


Paying for your property has never been easier. Whether you are a landlord or tenant, our new portal allows you to view and settle all of your outstanding charges with just a few clicks online, as well as creating receipts which can be downloaded as needed. All of this can be done at any place and at any time. You can also quickly access your balance and payments, and you can even update your profile. This is a wonderful method to keep track of all your payments. In addition, it is safe to make payments on our Residents portal as it is a secure website.

2. Information availability


Our new portal provides residents with 24/7 access to tenancy documentation as well as unit and development information packs. No more digging through bedside tables or computer files - everything you need to know about your property is neatly stored and accessed in one secure place.

3. Maintenance management

Leaky tap? Blocked drain? Or just want someone to come re-paint the walls? With just a few clicks tenants are able to report maintenance issues in their apartment, which are picked up near-instantly by our team so we can send someone to investigate and resolve them asap. This is especially useful when a maintenance issue happens after work hours. Furthermore, you can monitor the request's progress from the comfort of your home by tracking its status.

Additionally, we’ll let our tenants know about all the various upcoming maintenance tasks, which will help them feel more prepared and less irritated when the repairman arrives at their door.

4. Communication is key


We will make sure you’re always in the loop, by sending notifications about amenities and events in the estates, taking registrations and payments, plus providing live local-area news and updates. This way you’ll always know what is going on in the Gibraltar area and in your estate. In addition, this way you will engage with your neighbours as you will be made aware of all upcoming events.

5. Discounts on services


Our new portal tenants are able to view and book all the services provided in the estate within just a few clicks, be it laundry, takeaway, or short-term rentals for visiting relatives. Plus, there are quite a few discount codes to be found by residents, such as 20% off holiday apartments, available exclusively through our portal.

Bentley Holiday Apartments has been welcoming guests to our holiday apartments since 2018. With a variety of properties to offer we believe in making each guest's experience a unique and comfortable stay. Our easy self-check-in service enables our guests to access their apartments hassle-free. Our convenient welcome package provides guests with all the needed items for a short pleasant stay.

6. Food in the neighbourhood


Are friends coming over? Or do you want to organize a date night? Check out all the food and beverage offerings in the estate in one place, always updated with the latest information. Never be caught off guard by a closed restaurant. You will also be able to view the restaurants’ menus so that you will be able to go to a restaurant that has your favorite dish available.

One such restaurant is Hustle 'n' Flow Gibraltar, which is Gibraltar’s top-rated restaurant! This restaurant offers both vegan and gluten-free options and is actually in the top 10% of restaurants worldwide according to TripAdvisor's Traveler's Choice Award. Check it out now (and others) via our Residents portal.

7. Concierge perks


For our EuroCity residents; expecting a parcel? Or need to sign in with some friends? No need to pick up the phone, or walk downstairs. You can manage all of your parcels, and your sign-ins via a few clicks in our concierge module, available exclusively through the portal! Be alerted instantaneously the moment your guests arrive, or your parcel is ready for collection. In addition, the EuroCity concierges are working a 24-hour five-star service. What could be more convenient?


Our residents portal will make everything regarding your property, estate, and things to do in Gibraltar easier, faster, and more convenient. Because, we can communicate with residents through our residents portal in real-time and on their preferred device, be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone, eliminating the inefficiencies associated with paper communication.

Are you prepared to use our online resident portal? Now is the perfect opportunity as we have just launched. We have also attached a very handy how-to-use guide that helps to walk our residents through the setup process and functionality in more detail.

We still hope you will give our residents portal a go and install it if our top 7 reasons to use it still aren’t enough to tempt you. We have a lot more exciting functionality still in the pipework and we wouldn’t want our residents to miss out on it when it does go live shortly. Log in now to find out more!

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