At Bentley Estate Management we embrace the term “investment” in its fullest sense. You can rest assured that you and your needs are being taken care of by the same people who built the foundation on which you
live, work and play.


We not only invest and develop, we maintain and manage too. It’s part of our hands-on commitment to add value to the places that we make, and to the enjoyment of the people that use them: residents, occupiers or visitors.

Our focus is local, our outlook international. Bentley Estate Management brings to bear over 40 years’ experience in handling the bespoke challenges of investors from within and outside the EU, and the day-to-day needs of tenants and residents. We understand the vital importance of a dedicated on-the-ground management team, and unlike almost all other property management companies, pride ourselves for being located on-site in our developments. This means near instant response times and the ability to take care of the smallest details, ensuring that our clients’ needs and comforts are always met.


Our Property Management &
Long Term Lettings Services include:

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Advertising, networking and website promotion of your property.

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Evaluation of market conditions in relation to your property’s rental value.

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Centralised experienced property management team who are the main point of contact for all tenants and landlords.

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Exclusive dedicated management for Eurotowers and Westone estate and an onsite management office.

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The property management team will administer licence agreements and organise inventories at the beginning and end of tenancies, arrange six monthly inspections for the peace of mind of Landlords, professionally screen and reference all new tenants, work closely with all our landlords to provide bespoke services to suit all needs as well as being on hand to offer professional advice.

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Accompanied viewings.

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In house highly experienced maintenance teams without the involvement of external contractors providing rapid on-site response to urgent maintenance repairs as well as any planned or requested jobs.

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Co-ordination of refurbishment & interior design advice.

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Internal qualified accountants providing dedicated services for managing ring fenced client deposit accounts, invoicing tenants, transferring rents to landlords and organising any payments on behalf of the landlord.

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Advertising, networking and website promotion of your property.

Our Estate Management Services Include:

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Management of income and expenditure.

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Collection of service charges & arrangement of administration and audit.

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Regular site visits.

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Arrangement and supervision of maintenance and repair works.

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Management of cyclical maintenance programs.

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Supervision of contracts relating to cleaning and day-to-day management.

Meet the Team

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